Bookkeeping for your trucking company

May 24, 2022 News

Bookkeeping and Accounting Services are a determining factor of success when you decide to have a trucking business since it defines its profitability. Keeping your accounts organized, provides you with accurate figures to know the earnings, costs, and expenses, and also establishes the proper operation of your trucks without inconveniences.

All truck drivers might know how much money can spend after a month of hard work driving long hours on the road, but not many have time to organize their company bills, or just do not know how to do it.

Bookkeeping Service for a freight company, always has to include the payment of:

  • Taxes: UCR, IFTA
  • Annual company Tax: Annual Report or Franchise Tax
  • Regulatory permits according to the state the company works
  • Diesel
  • Reparations and maintenance
  • Dispatcher Fee (If it has one)
  • Food expenses of the driver
  • Advice for anual FMCSA audit
  • Contingencies

All bills must be organized daily to avoid money leaks and your company has more and more profits. This daily work is impossible to be done by a truck driver or his wife; the truck driver is busy driving most of the day, and his wife has to take care of their house and children.

Contracting a bookkeeping service is a strategic decision, because all your company papers can be organized up to date without affecting your job. The bookkeeping and accounting service offer by Personal Truck Services is an excellent solution for truck drivers whom desired to organized their businesses and grow to make more money.

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