Canada Permit. Get better rates for truckloads to Canada

June 21, 2022 News

When you are an entrepreneur and owe a freight company, you are always seeking ways to make more money. An excellent option to achieve this is to start transporting truckloads to Canada.

Due to the weather conditions, Canada is a country in need of fresh products, that can be transported in Reefer or Dryvan trucks from Utah, California, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming. It’s also procuring construction equipment, machinery and auto parts that have to be transported in Flatbed trucks from California ports.

The requirements a truck needs to meet to obtain the Canada Permit to cross the border are:

  1. Be authorized to work nationwide, this means having an Interstate Freight Company.
  2. Be up to date to the FMCSA.
  3. Having Liability Insurance for One Million Dollars.
  4. Canada Bond.

Personal Truck Services advises you and do all the paperwork to process the Canada permit for your trucking company. Truckloads to Canada are better paid than truckloads in U.S. Click here to know more (832) 3602067 

We also can  help you getting round trip loads to Canada. Our dispatch service has direct agreements with shippers in Canada.