Canada Trucking Permit, Better load rates

December 20, 2022 News

Get the Canada Trucking Permit and receive better load rates. Here we tell you step-by-step how to achieve excellent economic stability.

The most significant benefit of transporting truckloads to Canada is that the payments are much better than in the United States; we are talking about rates between USD 7,000 and USD 10,000 per trip. Therefore, they are lanes worth doing, not only because of the payment but also because the loads are usually towards the border rather than the country’s interior.

Among the requirements to obtain the Canada Trucking Permit are:

Safety plan in order

No type of infraction must be recorded in your Safety plan since it impedes requesting the corresponding permits, no matter how minor it may be. The recommendation is to always behave responsibly on the road.

Trucking permits up to date

You must be up to date with the IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement), the MC# (Motor Carrier Number), the technical-mechanical review, and the other documents that show your compliance and responsibility on the road. The above is decisive when your application is approved.

Interstate Trucking Company

To apply for entry as a carrier to Canada, your trucking company must be Interstate; that is, you must operate in all states of the United States. If you have an intrastate trucking company, your application for Canada Trucking Permit can be denied.

Commercial Insurance

You must have commercial insurance of at least 1 million dollars since this guarantees the safety of your vehicle in the event of any accident.

Covid-19 vaccination

Canada is a fairly strict country with the protection of health and the prevention of Covid-19; for this reason, before applying for permits, you must ensure that you have at least the first two doses of the vaccine against this virus, which you must validate by presenting the vaccination card.

Valid passport

Your passport must be valid since it is one of the essential documents to enter and leave Canada without any inconvenience.


As soon as you have all the documents, you can begin to carry out the legal procedures to obtain the permit and be able to transport loads to Canada. The first thing will be to fill out a form with general personal information, such as your location within the United States and what cargo you will transport. The Canada Border Services Agency reviews the application and endorses the carrier to enter the country.

Once The Canada Border Services Agency approves, the carrier must acquire the Bond, which lasts for one year and is the one that allows you to insure the transported loads.

The complete process for your transportation business to be authorized to move loads to Canada can take approximately a month as long as nothing new happens. A novelty may be that there is some particularity in the type of cargo to be transported, for example:

Canada Trucking Permit, Better load rates

Canada Trucking Permit, Better load rates

You must know that there is a difference in the number of hours a truck driver can drive in the USA and Canada. In Canada, it is allowed to drive for 13 hours in a total service time of 14 hours. Additionally, it is crucial that once the permits are approved, you have all the essential documentation printed in case the Canadian authorities request it when you cross the border.

Keep in mind that processing the Canadian trucking permit with the help of experts will ensure that you do not make mistakes when filling out documents that ask multiple questions; making a mistake in these forms implies delays and loss of time and money. On average, the value of the Canada Trucking Permit is USD 1,300.

In conclusion

Personal Truck Services does all the necessary paperwork for your Transportation company to obtain the truck permits and the Bond to Canada to guarantee that the loads you move are insured. In addition to helping you with requests, we also provide a Dispatch service so that you can transport round-trip loads. To find out more details, contact us through our email or by phone at (832) 3602067.