Commercial vehicle registration: Plates for trucks

April 6, 2023 News

Every commercial vehicle must have a license plate registration to allow the truck to work without restriction. If you still need to clarify the registration process, do not worry. Below we tell you everything you need to know to register your truck license plates and keep them current.

Plate Types

Within the types of plates, there are local and Apportioned plates – Interstate. Deciding which of the two you should use depends on your business type. If you need to leave the state, you must have Apportioned plates. If you do not need to leave the state because you work in just one state, you need a local plate to be able to operate.

Although there are other types of plates that are less common, it is important to mention them. They are temporary plates you can work with, although they are unavailable in all states. These plates, also known as ‘paper plates, ‘ work for hours/days and serve as registration for exceptional cases; in a few words, they legally identify vehicles to which special laws apply to move in the territory of America but are not official plates in the end. Another possible situation is when you buy a truck. However, you still need to properly register the permanent license plates, in which case you use the temporary ones while you proceed with the official registration. You can request temporary plates with your identification and vehicle insurance in your name.

How much does it cost to have a license plate, and how long does the registration process take?

The cost of the license plate varies depending on the license plate type, whether it is local or interstate. The interstate ones range from approximately $900 to $1,700, and the local ones are around  $1,000 to $1,200. On the other hand, the time it takes for a license plate registration varies from state to state and depends on whether it is a first-time or renewal registration. The entire process usually takes between one and two weeks.

To optimize time and avoid making mistakes when filling out the forms, it is ideal that you have the advice of professionals who can accompany you and complete the process quickly and efficiently to avoid errors and possible delays.

The basic requirements to register your plate are: 

  • Submit your driver’s license
  • Commercial insurance certificate for your commercial truck
  • Vehicle’s title

Plate expiration dates

Commercial plates are valid for a certain period, they must be renewed from time to time. You must be very attentive to these dates since by not renewing them, you can incur severe offenses, and you can be sanctioned according to the DMV of each state.

When it comes to a commercial vehicle, as in this case, the registration renewal must usually be done semi-annually. Two deadlines are already established for this: May 31 and December 31 (this applies in FL, but in other states may vary). There are some cases where annual renewal is allowed and even two years when the client applies. These dates are different in all states; however they are the most common.

In summary,

If you have a vehicle and need to operate commercially, having your license plate up to date is mandatory. You must be clear if you will work interstate or intrastate to know which commercial license plate to apply for.

Keep in mind that there are different formats to make this request. They are generally dense documents, difficult to fill out, and contain too much information, hence the importance of carrying out this process with the advice of trucking permit professionals. Remember that at Personal Truck Services, we help you register your license plate for any state within the United States without restriction.