Road Tax 2290: Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return

June 28, 2022 News

Form 2290, also known as the Heavy Vehicle Tax, is a tax that must be paid by all vehicles weighing 55,000 pounds or more. Payment dates are between July 1 and August 31.


When does the tax apply?

This tax applies to all motor vehicles that transport loads on public highways. The IRS Tax Code requests the Road Tax 2290 for all motor vehicles.

The person responsible for tax payment is the person who appears as the owner of the vehicle’s registration, and the value to pay varies according to the size of the registered truck.

To pay the tax, you must present the corresponding paperwork to the IRS with the following information from your transportation company:

  • EIN
  • Company’s name
  • Company’s address
  • VIN

How to present the Road Tax 2290?

There are two options to present the Road tax 2290. The first method is to do it online or by sending your statement by postal mail. Most transport companies prefer the online method since you receive the annex in minutes. If you are not an expert filling out the form, we recommend seeking advice from companies specialized in regulatory trucking permits and taxes for transport businesses. Many times making mistakes or writing the wrong answers can cause delays and loss of money.

Secondly, you can make the payment by check on the roads, with the difference that, in this case, getting your annex stamped by the IRS can take around four weeks. Keep in mind that if you are the owner of more than 25 cargo vehicles, you must file the tax online since, in this way, fraud and processing errors are avoided.


Benefits of paying the Road Tax 2290

  • Paying the Road Tax on time helps you avoid penalties with the IRS.
  • Plate renewal instantly, without setbacks.
  • Good standing of roads and highways. emember that these suffer more significant deterioration due to heavy vehicles.
  • Having your transport company documentation updated helps you avoid problems with auditing.

Penalties for not filing the Heavy Vehicle Tax, Form 2290

Failure to file the Road Tax 2290 on time may incur penalties and interest with the IRS and cause plate renewal setbacks.


In summary

Being long hours driving makes your company stationery messy. Seek advice from experts in regulatory trucking permits and taxes to help you quickly obtain the Road Tax 2290 to guarantee the operation of your trucking company; avoiding fines or your vehicle’s detention is the best decision. Contact us, and we can help you complete the process between 24 and 48 hours. Click here to speak with an advisor (832)360-2067.