Road Tax 2290. Taxes for vehicles with a gross weight over 55.000 pounds

June 28, 2022 News

Form 2290 also known as heavy vehicle use tax return is a tax that all vehicles with a gross weight over 55.000 pounds have to pay. The payment is due between July 1st & August 31st.

You must pay the tax by submitting the 2290 to the IRS, with the following information about your trucking company:

  • EIN
  • Company’s name
  • Company’s address
  • VIN

Benefits for paying the Road Tax 2290:

  • Paying the Road Tax on time helps you avoid penalties with the IRS.
  • Renew your plates smoothly and instantly.
  • Good standing of roads and highways. Keep in mind the roads suffer further deterioritation due to heavy vehicles.
  • Files of your trucking company up to date to avoid problems with Audit Agents.

Penalties for not submitting the Heavy Vehicle Tax, Form 2290

Not submitting the Road Tax 2290 on time, may lead to penalties and late fees to the IRS.

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