How to get a DOT Number?

July 11, 2023 News

The DOT number is one of the main requirements to create your trucking company. This Blog will tell you everything you need to know to do your application process fast and error-free.

What is DOT Number?

A DOT number is an identifier that allows law enforcement officers to track and monitor a trucking company’s security information, from inspections and audits to investigations for more sensitive events such as traffic accidents.


How much does it cost to get a DOT Number?

In the market of services for transport companies, you can find several prices to process your DOT. A professional and specialized service that guarantees the completion of the form without errors and on time can have an approximate value of S84 USD.


What are the requirements to get a DOT number for the first time?

When requesting your DOT number, you must have several documents with basic information about your future transportation company. The first thing is your full name, business address, Tax ID, and email.

Secondly, you will need to provide information about how your company will operate, data such as cargo classification, Hazmat classification (if you have one), the size of your business, and the number and type of vehicles you will drive. You must clarify if your vehicle is a Dry van Truck,  Flatbed truck, or Reefer.

On the other hand, you must provide the drivers’ data, how many there are, and under what modality they will operate: interstate or intrastate.


Do the requirements vary by state?

DOT is federal law, so the same requirements apply no matter what state you’re in. You must be clear that the DOT is the first requirement to create your cargo transportation company, but you will need to complete other permits and conditions until you have your active transportation company.

If you consider moving from one state to another, you can create your DOT in any state. Still, when completing the paperwork, registering, and activating your company, you must do it in the base state where you will live permanently.


How long does it take to have the DOT?

Obtaining your DOT number is quick, usually taking at most 24 hours maximum. This time depends on the clarity of the information you provide and how long it takes to pay. This usually takes around one or two hours.

If the application form is filled with mistakes, the process may take longer because corrections must be made. You must seek advice from permit specialists with experience in DOT services.


Can I get the DOT Number without having a truck?

Yes. Owning a truck is optional to get your DOT and MC numbers. You do not need to have commercial insurance to create a DOT. To make the MC Number, you must have commercial insurance so that the FMCSA can proceed to process your application.


Is it necessary to renew the DOT?

The DOT does not need renewal but must be updated every two years to remain active. We recommend carrying out the update process with permit specialists for trucking companies such as Personal Truck Services.

You must know that you can request the DOT Number even if you have yet to plan to use it. You can choose the moment when you want to activate it.


Other requirements to create your transport company

In addition to the DOT Number, your business has other requirements to operate commercially and establish itself as a professional and reliable transportation company.

Among these requirements is, for example, the employer identification number (EIN), which is used to pay federal taxes and hire staff. If your company has more than one owner, this document is mandatory.

Another essential requirement is commercial insurance to guarantee your protection against accidents and legal risks. Our ally Preventty Insurance Agency can assist you in acquiring your commercial trucking insurance much easier and faster.


In summary,

Having the DOT Number active and updated is a basic requirement for creating your transport company; if you have professionals in licenses and trucking permits, you will be able to avoid delays and errors in completing the application forms, and you will also save time.

Remember, Personal Truck Services counts on a team of specialists in creating new trucking companies, contact us to advise you from scratch throughout the process to fulfill the dream of being your boss.