Invest in the transportation industry in the United States

September 27, 2022 News

In contrast to other sorts of businesses that require a long time to generate profit, investing in the transportation industry in the United States shows faster results. It happens because of the model ‘Key in hand’, which allows a trucking fleet to start operating in a short period after investing. The management of inland transport in the US has become increasingly demanding. This industry has been growing strongly in the last 15 years, reaching production close to 800 billion dollars annually and becoming an excellent investment option.

90% of the US logistics industry focuses on highway infrastructure because of the transportation of goods in different types of trucks. The transport vessel that arrives at the main cargo ports in the United States demands around 43 million inland trips annually to distribute the products.

Advantages of investing in the Transportation Industry in the United States

Investing in the transportation industry guarantees positive results in the short term since the economy of the country is significantly moved from the robust business of trucking.

Other reasons to decide to invest are the financial stability, the excellent opportunity of return on investment, the guarantees of the fulfillment of civil rights, and the strict regulation of the judicial system focused on the truck driver’s safety. In addition, the transportation industry keeps growing, which is a positive aspect for future investors.

How much money do you need to invest?

You’re mistaken if you think you need a lot of money to invest in the United States and start a trucking company. At Personal Truck Services, we can help you start your trucking company from 750 dollars and provide the best assistance from the beginning to the moment your business operates. Our qualified team assists you constantly and answers all the questions you can have during the process. So far, we have helped people from México, Colombia, Venezuela, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Rusia, China, India, and United Arab Emirates to start their trucking companies. If you want to know step-by-step how to do it and start your new life project, click here START MY TRUCKING COMPANY

Why Personal Truck Services is the best option?

We walked this path; John Medina, our founder, is a Colombian man who came to the United States years ago to start his transportation company.

At that moment, he also worked as a truck driver and faced many difficulties and challenges doing paperwork. Thanks to his experience, we have understood that a foreigner can face obstacles because of a lack of knowledge of US law. We became experts assisting people to start their transportation companies.

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