Random program and Clearinghouse for truck driver in U.S.

September 6, 2022 News

All truck drivers in the US must comply with the alcohol and drugs program, officially known as Random Program and Clearing House.

About two years ago, the FMCSA developed a plan to guarantee all the companies were up to date with their drivers’ alcohol and drug control. The FMCSA informed that small and large companies must register in the program to manage all tests. Before the FMCSA regulation, the drivers used to do the test on their own, which means that when it was time for an audit, the information did not come up from a formal entity, and it did not take relevance. Since then, emerges the Random Program, a mandatory registration that validates all truck driver’s tests registered on entities or agencies authorized.

It is necessary to remember that the programs of aleatory drug tests
are mandatory for employers regulated by the U.S. Department of transportation. If you are a truck company owner or an operator, you might register in one of these programs.
It is also essential to know that the tests are always random, which means there is no prior notification or a specific time of the year to do the processes. It is vital that your trucking company is always prepared and all the support documentation is up to date.

What are the penalties a company can face?

For now, the Random Program is purely educational. By 2023 will be mandatory, and, in case a company does not register, it can face penalties such as:

  • Fines
  • Closure of the company
  • USDOT Alert (if your company has a bad score means that the company has many infractions, and it can cause, for example, that an insurance company does not renew the policies)

What happens if your drivers do not have the tests up to date? How will you support that the loads are delivered accurately and on time?

Who needs to take the random tests?

All truck owners or operators that drive a truck might be part of the Random Program. The DOT agency has regulations where the employers need to perform random tests on the employees whose work tasks are sensitive to security; in other words, actions that involve risks. Every company is responsible for defining the employees considered sensitive to risks in each industry, and it might commit to all the requirements presented in the test. In the case of trucking companies, drivers are considered employes exposed to high risk.


Clearinghouse is a secure online database that provides information in real-time about violations of the drugs and alcohol test to employers, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the state driver licensing agency (SDLA), and state personnel.

The clearinghouse records, certify, and validate that the company is part of the Random program. It manages information about the entities or agencies your company affiliates with, the number of drivers subscribed to the program, and their infractions. The Clearinghouse holds precise registrations about the infringements, including positive results to alcohol and drug tests and rejection to the tests. The information when the driver finishes the RTD service and the follow-up test is also recorded.

Personal Truck Services is an ally of the Wordwall agency located nationwide, allowing to perform the process with simplicity at the moment to request tests due to having laboratories.

Having clear this information, ensure that your truck company and drivers have all the tests and documentation needed to guarantee an efficient and rapid process.

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