Trucking moves America forward!

September 12, 2022 News

From Personal Truck Services, we want to seize the Truck Driver Appreciation Week to be thankful to the more than three million truck drivers currently operating in the US. We celebrate such an important job performed daily on the roads; we know firsthand the effort that means being away from home and beloved people to follow your dreams and the possibility of offering your family better conditions.

We highlight that thanks y¡to the trucking industry, more than eight million jobs are active, contributing to the country’s economy and the stability and welfare of the population. In addition, we know that the industry’s growth prediction for the next ten years in the US is 21%, making this job a good business opportunity to help you grow personally and professionally.

We know that the most important of being a truck driver is to come back home safe and sound; that’s why our priority is to guarantee you all the documentation and permits related to your trucking company are up to date. We want to be your partner on the road and ensure that every path starts and ends safely and responsibly. Our team at Personal Truck Services works hard to provide you with the best service and professional advice with all you need.

We have motives to celebrate this week and highlight all the men and women that show dedication, perseverance, and commitment to the roads of America.

Thank you, truckers!