Which is the most transported food during the Super Bowl?

February 9, 2023 News

If you are a truck driver and are interested in knowing which food is the most transported during the Super Bowl, read carefully, here we will tell you the details.

The Super Bowl is one of the world’s most relevant and viewed sporting events. After the celebration of the 4th of July for the Independence of the United States, Super Bowl Sunday is the second date on which people consume the most significant amount of food, especially what we know as fast food since this plays a leading role as it is the one in charge of livening up the atmosphere and becoming a fundamental part of the celebration.


Foods most consumed during the event

On the dates this event takes place, there are a series of popular food such as pizza, chicken wings, sandwiches, and nachos with guacamole. The latter has become the most requested type of food due to its versatility in different ways. Some affirm that nachos with guacamole are to the Super Bowl what Turkey is to Thanksgiving.

Therefore, one of the foods with the highest demand is avocado. Let’s consider that avocados can cost an average of 2 dollars in the United States. Americans spend approximately 306.720 million dollars on this fruit during the event.

The estimate for California is almost 6 thousand tons during this sporting celebration, equivalent to 26 million pieces. And the most exciting thing is that, in general, these figures increase each year.


Beverages with the highest demand

Regarding beverages, for example, during the pandemic (2019-2020), around 600 million dollars were spent on drinks such as wine, teas, juices, and water, and the most important was beer since this fermented beverage is one of the great favorites to accompany the grand finale of the NFL. It is estimated that approximately 1,230 million liters of beer are consumed during the match, with Mexican beers being the most acclaimed by the public. It makes sense if we remember that Mexico is the world’s fourth-largest producer and exporter of beer. During the Super Bowl, three out of four people in the United States consume at least one beer during the game.

The consumption of all these products becomes an excellent catalyst for the US economy. For last year, these were the approximate expenses for the event.


Data taken from Al Día Dallas


Super bowl data for this year

This year, Super Bowl LVII will be played on February 12 at 6:30 p.m. (local time) in Phoenix, Arizona. The Philadelphia Eagles will face the Kansas City Chiefs at State Farm Stadium, and we will see the long-awaited dispute for the coveted Vince Lombardi trophy. The stadium has 63,400 seats and will be the main venue for the Super Bowl for the third time in its history. 

Unlike last year’s edition, this time, the television rights will no longer be from NBC but from Fox in the United States. And in Latin America, it will be the ESPN signal that will have the right to broadcast.

Additionally, the guest artist for this occasion and who will be in charge of animating this great event will be nothing more and nothing less than Rihanna.

Transporting food from state to state is one of the most profitable businesses in the trucking industry. You must ensure that you have up-to-date interstate trucking permits from your trucking company.


In summary,

If you are a Trucker, this sporting event is an excellent opportunity to transport the different products in high demand in the country. You must be aware of how the preparation and execution of this celebration. You can take advantage the most of the load transport requests.