Your transportation company needs to comply with the Safety Plan

October 4, 2022 News

A Safety Plan is a mandatory security program for all transportation companies. No matter the size of the company, all need to commit to the requirements established by the FMCSA; thus, at any moment, a DOT Agent can stop your truck on national highways and make an inspection.

What is its purpose, and who might comply with the Safety Plan?

The Safety Plan targets small, medium, and large transportation companies. It seeks to provide orientation, accompany and inform all carriers about updates, changes, and new road regulations. The Safety Plan aims to improve the performance of the vehicles at the time, prevent future inspections, and put the trucks out of service.

How does it work?

The DOT agents can stop the trucks on the road and do an inspection to check the regulatory permits are up to date and guarantee that the vehicle is in good standing to operate. The inspections are performed by a scoring system where your truck gets a rate; if it is low, you can miss job opportunities, the Brokers can deny loads to your company, and your profitability decreases.

Considering Personal Truck Services clients’ frequent calls asking for immediate help after having a lousy rate in their inspections, we have designed a package with the more common permits and systems requested by DOT agents. Our service is online, and there is no need for in-person meetings or physical paperwork.


Safety Plan Personal Truck Services

According to research with Personal Truck Services clients, these are the regulatory permits and systems commonly inspected in the Safety Plan.


Which are the regulatory permits and systems inspected in the Safety Plan?

Data Q is a system that allows users to request and track statal and federal data reviews issued by the FMCSA that are considered incomplete or faulty. In case of adverse reports in the Data Q, Personal Truck Services helps your transportation company to submit information to amend the infractions. Having the Data Q without negative reports can help you get better loads and better rates in your trucking insurance.

Clearinghouse certifies that truck drivers operate responsibly according to the alcohol and drug regulations.

Random Drug Testing is a suscription to a medical entity where the truck drivers can schedule their test periodically.

MVR is the truck driver’s record report where you can see all the driving background as infractions, which are commonly requested to renew commercial insurance, add new truck drivers to the vehicle, etc.

New Entrant Safety Audit is the first audit performed by the FMCSA on new DOTs.

DOT Portal creation allows fast and direct access to the owner of truck companies to check inspections, infractions, and records 24/7.

Accident Log File is a file where the trucking companies’ traffic accidents are registered. It includes files such as police records, DOTs, and Insurance claims.

DOT daily company monitoring is a daily report notified to the DOT.

ELD is an electronic device that registers service hours and good driving practices. It guarantees the truck drivers work and rest the time suggested by law. According to the FMCSA regulation, all trucks from the 2000 model must install an ELD. Personal Truck Services has a business partnership with Motive, a well-known American company before known as ”KeepTrucking”.

In conclusion, all transportation companies need to have a good rating in the Safety Plan. A good score will help you not to miss truck loads, obtain reasonable rates in your trucking insurance policy, and comply with the law. Your responsibility is to guarantee your trucking company’s security and good standing.

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