Run your Trucking Business Worry-free

In the trucking business,

owner-operators, and entrepreneurs must keep tabs on each expense and revenue. Though accounting is the most overlooked aspect in the trucking industry, it is the only element that ensures your business moves to profitability. When you track and record the invoices, it is easier to control and project the companies’ financial status. Proper maintenance of account books also lets you work without worrying about business operations. You don’t need to handle it alone; our accounters are here to assist you.

We provide reliable and efficient Trucking accounting services. Our team caters to all your specific needs, whether you own a fleet or run your office from the truck. We regularly monitor all operational costs crucial for running your business, such as Insurance, Diesel, Regulatory permits, or Truck Repairs. Our accounters also keep tabs on other invoices like FMCSA penalties or payroll. We ensure you always complete all tax deadlines and work on improving your operational efficiency.

Trucking bookeeping


Save all the receipts of the expenses you have on the road and send them weekly. By the end of the month, you will receive financial statements and explanations of what these mean to your bottom line.

Filing income taxes


All companies and individuals must file an Annual Income Tax Report according to their earnings or received incomes during the year. We do all the paperwork for you and your company.



All the transportation companies need to file the fuel consumption Tax every quarter to keep operating without penalties. We take care of the deadlines while to are focused on the road.


2290 & UCR

There are two mandatory annual Taxes your business can not miss. 2290 is the Tax return on the use of heavy vehicles on highways. UCR is a Highway Tax paid by Motor Carriers transiting interstate.

Our Accounting Professionals for Trucking Business keep regular tabs on the following:

  • Taxes: UCR, IFTA, 2290
  • Annual company tax: Annual Report or Franchise Tax
  • Regulatory permits according to the state where the company works.
  • Diesel
  • Repairs
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Fee for Dispatcher (if you have one)
  • Truck driver food expenses
  • Advice for the annual audit of the FMCSA
  • Contingencies

Accurate, Efficient & Affordable Accounting for Your Trucking Business

Customized Packages to Fit your Unique Needs, Pay Monthly, Quarterly, Semesterly, or Annually

Our team understands the importance of handling all the accounting details accurately and efficiently. For years, our trucking bookkeeping services have helped truck owner-operators, independent contractors, and new trucking entrepreneurs realize their business goals with our custom accounting packages. Our accounting experts can do the same for you. You only need to select the service package that best defines your needs and fits in budget. It helps you understand the cash flow and keep track of costs, profits, and bills. Our tools & expertise efficiently monitor every expense, to find ways to reduce tax liabilities and maximize profits.

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