Trucking Accounting Services

    Our Accounters organize your business finances helping you to increase your company revenue. Our team will help you with all the paper work your transportation company needs, this way you can get home after long hours on the road and spend quality time with your family.

    Our Trucking Accounting Services includes:

    • Trucking Bookkeeping

      Trucking Bookkeeping

      Save all the receipts of the expenses you have on the road and send them weekly. By the end of the month, you will receive financial statements and explanations of what these mean to your bottom line.

    • Filing Income Taxes

      Filing Income Taxes

      All companies and individuals must file an Annual Income Tax Report according to their earnings or received incomes during the year. We do all the paperwork for you and your company.

    • IFTA Quarterly Taxes

      IFTA Quarterly Taxes

      All the transportation companies need to file the fuel consumption Tax every quarter to keep operating without penalties. We take care of the deadlines while to are focused on the road.

    • Filing 2290 & UCR

      Filing 2290 & UCR

      There are two mandatory annual Taxes your business can not miss. 2290 is the Tax return on the use of heavy vehicles on highways. UCR is a Highway Tax paid by Motor Carriers transiting interstate.

    • Company Annual Report

      Company Annual Report

      Businesses created as corporations, Inc., and LLC need to file an annual report to present to the Secretary of State.


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